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Facts & Questions

Here are some common questions about Mars Engine. Feel free to contact support for any further questions. 

Can I connect my domain name? 

Of course. Every Mars engine premium package allows for several domains to be connected, for each project you are working on. 

You can also connect several sub-domains for each of your domains, to allow your apps to run smoothly and according to your project needs. 

What are Dev, Test and Live instances and how do I assign them to a project ? 

Every Mars engine premium package project comes with several pre-installed and assigned instances that you can use separately in your  development process. 

Dev instance, for example, serves mainly for your development sandbox, where you can collaborate freely with your team during development process. When you finish a part of your development process, you may publish it directly to a Live server instance or you can publish it to a Test instance, where your QA can identify bugs, write tickets and similar. 

If you need a stronger Live instance, or several Live instances in different continents, eg. for apps with a lot of users, you may always upgrade your server infrastructure by using one of the "Power-ups" for as long as you need it, within minutes. This approach allows you to build highly scalable apps with Mars engine, that can withstand an impact of the most demanding launch adn other marketing campaigns. 

Do I need to set anything regarding my server instances when using Mars engine?

No, Mars engine manages all you servers and projects by default, so you don't need to have any prior server setup knowledge to use Mars engine. 

Mars engine also automatically integrates server side security within every project running on the platform and assigns SSL certificate to each connected project and domain, so you don't have to worry about tedious server side setup and management, but also about server side security of apps developed on Mars engine. 

Can I run my projects on dedicated servers?

If you have a demanding app than a dedicated server is a perfect solution for you. Please see dedicated server pricing and options available in Mars Engine Power-ups section, in Pricing.